1906 Historic Renovation

1906 Historic Renovation 1 After1906 Historic Renovation 1 Before

Lasley Brahaney was awarded the exciting opportunity to revitalize this landmark Princeton home. Architect Abram Garfield (President Garfield’s son) designed this residence in 1906. The home was used for guests of Princeton University, renowned visiting professors and faculty including Harry Garfield and Thomas Mann. In the 50 years prior to the renovation, The Aquinas Institute used the residence as its headquarters.

1906 Historic Renovation 2 After1906 Historic Renovation 2 Before

The center bay window and focal point of the south facade were given a full facelift by refurbishing the original doors, repairing the brick and adding new shutters.

1906 Historic Renovation 3

The original stone molding trim work was in remarkably good shape and simply needed cleaning.

1906 Historic Renovation 4

New metal railings were fabricated based on historical photos and usable fiberglass decks were added above both the sunroom and breakfast area on either side of the home.

1906 Historic Renovation 5 After1906 Historic Renovation 5 Before

Historically correct metal railings and new French doors restore the original design of the exterior.

1906 Historic Renovation 6 After1906 Historic Renovation 6 Before

This photo vividly displays all of the elements that contribute to the dramatic restoration of the tired looking 112 year-old mansion.

1906 Historic Renovation 7

Simple renovations to both sunrooms included fresh paint, new windows and walk-out porches above.

1906 Historic Renovation 8 After1906 Historic Renovation 8 Before

What a difference a little clean-up can make! The stone staircase was rebuilt, the limestone door trim was cleaned, the iron railings were refurbished, and new lights were added.

1906 Historic Renovation 9 After1906 Historic Renovation 9 Before

Craftsmanship at it is finest. The original railings and light fixtures were beautifully constructed but needed refurbishment after 112 years.

1906 Historic Renovation 10

The new three-car garage and mudroom addition were designed and built by our Princeton architects and design-build team. Great efforts were made to match the original brick and limestone trim of the existing home.

1906 Historic Renovation 11

A side view of the new garage.

1906 Historic Renovation 12 After1906 Historic Renovation 12 Before

A close-up of the exquisitely refurbished dentil molding and repaired slate roof.

1906 Historic Renovation 13

The restored multi-layered roofs and moldings capture the charm and character of this historic home.

1906 Historic Renovation 14 After1906 Historic Renovation 14 Before

This photo shows the new side entrance and outdoor entertainment space.

1906 Historic Renovation 15

The rear elevation of the garage with its connection to the main house.

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