Outbuildings 1

Our Princeton Construction team built this three-car custom designed garage incorporating a bathroom for the adjacent pool as well as a guest suite on the second floor.

Outbuildings 2

The pool side entrance to the garage also provides access to a bathroom and the second floor guest suite.

Outbuildings 3

These decorative support brackets were custom designed and are a Lasley Brahaney signature detail.

Outbuildings 4

The brackets are repeated again on the porch overhang.

Outbuildings 5

Keeping it simple with a three car garage.

Outbuildings 6

The fun is in the details.

Outbuildings 7

An essential summer pool house.

Outbuildings 8

The pergola with a canvas canapy provide a respite from the bright sun.

Outbuildings 9

A collaborative project with New Jersey Barn Company, the 150-year-old barn that once stood on the Kirkbride Farm in Newtown, PA, was rebuilt and repurposed.