What is “Green” about our office?


  • Site can be accessed by bus or bicycle.
  • Preferred parking provided for fuel efficient vehicles.
  • Roof replaced with white EPDM reducing the heat island effect.
  • Reused original interior lighting fixtures.

Water Efficiency

  • Landscaping of native plants that won’t need additional watering.
  • Dual flush toilets and restricted flow faucets.

Energy and Atmosphere

  • Installed a 44 panel photo voltaic solar energy system.
  • Super high efficiency, two-stage variable-speed heating, ventilation, & air conditioning units.
  • Energy recovery ventilation system installed for fresh air and energy efficiency.
  • Insulation is blown-in closed cell foam with higher R value.
  • Replaced all single pane windows.
  • New windows are operable and have double pane, low-e glass, reflective tinting to allow energy efficiency, natural light, and cross ventilation for every work station.
  • Occupancy and light sensor detectors provide automatic on/off lighting.
  • Automatic power shut-off system controlled by timer for all non-essential electrical equipment during off-hours.
  • Energy star rated appliances.
  • Instant hot water dispenser.

Materials and Resources

  • 84% of materials during rehab of building were recycled.
  • Used recycled wood where possible.
  • 90% of building shell was reused.
  • Exposed and polished existing concrete floors to minimize new material use.
  • Installed locally manufactured, zero maintenance, recyclable, reflective siding.
  • Storage and collection system developed for all recyclables.
  • Tap water will be used for drinking water thereby minimizing the use of plastic water bottles.

Indoor Environmental Quality

  • Paints and other coating materials used with low or no VOC (volatile organic compounds) levels.
  • Doors, cabinetry and other products constructed with materials that do not contain urea-formaldehyde.
  • New office furniture and area carpets are approved by LEED.

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