Beach House

Guest House 1

Hoping to create a seaside getaway for friends and family for years to come, the homeowner wished to add a garage and guest house to the newly enlarged property.

Guest House 2

The design intent was to create a smaller structure to complement but not overpower the original house.

Guest House 3

The single-story dwelling with loft, deck, Belgian block curbing, stone patio and fire pit includes living and dining rooms, kitchenette, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, laundry space, and a two-car garage.

Guest House 4

The guest house, like the main house, is Cape Cod-style cedar shingle.

Guest House 5

An interesting aesthetic innovation is the asymmetrical nature of the guest house. Unlike the front of the main house, the guest house has a much less formal design. The window placement, for example, does not reflect a rigid geometry.

Guest House 6

The deck was designed not only for use as balcony but also as a roof for a patio area below the deck. To give it a more finished feel and sense of purpose, extra attention went into choosing column details and moldings.

Guest House 7

With multiple spaces for outdoor entertainment, the generations can comingle or relax separately, as desired, and still share the pool and jacuzzi.

Guest House 8

The deck, oriented towards the pool, features special details that create a covered patio space below it as well.

Guest House 9

The owner, limited to a minimal crawl space in the main house, requested a substantial garage for storage as well as cars, bicycles and optional boat storage.

Guest House 10

This whimsical garden arbor at the entrance to the property adds a special detail to the fencing and an opportunity to add flowering vines.

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