Roofing Anthology

A book devoted to the history of roofing. August 8th, 2014

The Roof Over Your Head

To have “a roof over your head” represents the very basic comfort of your own protected space. In all times and all cultures the roof makes an otherwise unprotected space into a dwelling: it shields from rain, it shades from sun and it buffers from weather. Not only does a roof protect the contents of a home, it also protects the occupants and their lifestyle. And of course a roof ensures a home’s longevity: as long as a roof remains solid, a home can withstand much.

The Feel of Wood Shake

Wood shake adds a warm and natural look to the home. Home designers incorporate wood shake on traditional homes as a means to add texture and appeal. The classic beauty and charm of wood shake add an element of weathered age to the home’s exterior. The varying heights of the individual shakes set a home apart from the norm, communicating a carpenter style that is at once warm and rustic. The hand-crafted look contributes to the storybook character of a cottage style home. As an exterior design element, wood shake’s custom crafted appearance makes a home unique.The uneven texture of wood shake emphasizes the horizontal lines of the roof, punching up the impact of a low pitched roof or adding interest to a long sloping roof. Particularly in leafy areas on a breezy day, the texture of wood shake allows a delightful play of shadows across the roof, which further integrates the home’s exterior with the environment.

A Lasley Brahaney installed wood shake roof.