The Many Ways to Get Creative With Kitchen Hoods

Janell Beals, Houzz Contributor - February 27th, 2016

Distinctive hood designs in reclaimed barn wood, zinc, copper, and more are transforming the look of kitchens.

Photo Credit: Lasley Brahaney Architecture + Construction

Room for Display

Including a narrow shelf along the face of a hood design provides the opportunity to display favorite decorate plates in a prominent location. And if keeping these items clean is a concern a wider ledge will provide a measure of protection from cooking activities below.

Tip: If installing your own kitchen hood, it’s important to know the clearance recommended between a cooktop and nearby combustible materials of the specific range the hood will be installed above. Look for this information in the stove installation guide.

Cost: Hoods don’t come cheap. At the lower end of the budget the opening price for a stainless steel design begins at around $300.00, while a large custom copper hood or matching hood from a high end range manufacturer will land upwards of $8000.00. For a creative and smart alternative, search out a talented carpenter.

Venting: The level of venting required, (measured in CFM, cubic feet per minute), lighting and various mechanical features may differ significantly between styles. Depending on whether there is a duct to vent air outside you’ll also need to select a ducted or ductless hood. The first vents air outside; the second uses a fan with a charcoal filter to recirculate air back into the kitchen.

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